Cold Logistics Ltd

Accelerating Cold Chain in India


The essence

Experts estimate that, worldwide, more than one-third of all perishable goods never reach the consumer. The reason: insufficient cooling during storage and transport. Cold Logistics Ltd. was established in 2014 with the aim of accelerating Cold Chain Logistics business in India and to be a Cold Logistics & Storage partner of choice for local and international clients.

Our purpose

One of the few cold logistics–focused investment firms in India that practices a unique philosophy of scaling up businesses through a twin combination of growth capital and operational excellence. Cold Logistics aims to be a pan–India player with planned footprints across key distribution cities providing specialized refrigerated storages, warehousing, distribution and logistics services for fresh and frozen commodities, pharmaceutical industry, diversified retail sector and many more..

Our mission

Support  our local and international clients through 50kMT storage capacity.

Our core values

Cold Logistics is the sum of its team members and their core values. The core values set the direction for Cold Logistics’s work and determine how we deal with stakeholders –

  • Deliver superior experience to our customers with our service
  • Continue to improve, strive for growth and development
  • Be open to innovation
  • Communicate to build open and honest relationships