Cold Logistics Ltd

Accelerating Cold Chain in India

What we do.

Doing business with Cold Logistics Ltd. provides you the comfort of working with a company that believes in professionalism, ethics, efficacy and quality.

Cold Logistics brings best–in–class technology¸ professional experience and on-ground execution skills for safe and efficient solutions in the cold supply chain.

At the Cold Logistics we offer extensive experience in all parts of the supply chain, starting with the storage of fresh and frozen commodities, delivery to the manufacturer, collection of finished goods through to delivery to the retailers, wholesalers and other food outlets throughout India.

Drop us a line, and we would be happy to assess how we could help you.

How we do.

Our business model is built around our service and product offerings, our network, service quality and commercial vigor – thus creating a strong underlying business proposition that generates value for all stakeholders including our customers, business partners, associates, and our investors.

The inherent structure of the organization as well as the strategic alliances we have forged, allows us to partner with our Indian and international principals and support them from the initial market-entry strategy phase to the actual end-customer acquisition and commissioning of the service.

Such a relationship has bode well for the end-customer, since they benefit from having modular and local capacity, lower capital costs, and availability of trained manpower during times of need.