Cold Logistics Ltd

Accelerating Cold Chain in India

Cold Logistics Ltd always strives towards providing the maximum benefit to the foreign partners and their end clients.

Cold Logistics Ltd.’s goal in working with our foreign partners is to build ‘Outstanding Client Value’. This includes not only to add value to the product/service that they wish to market, but also to provide the knowledge and capabilities that we have helping our foreign partners make the best of the opportunities that the Indian cold logistics market presents.

Our vast contact base, which includes many members in the upper echelons of the Indian cold chain industry, Government bodies and Corporate India, allows us to provide our partners with a platform that enables them to thrive in Indian environment.

By anticipating the evolution of end clients’ need and business conditions, we continually remodel capabilities to make the product/service more attractive for the end client. With a greater focus on human elements, we will build on our existing relationships and help create a stronger bonding with our clients.

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