Cold Logistics Ltd

Accelerating Cold Chain in India

To ensure clients successfully deploy a highly efficient inbound cold chain, Cold Logistics Ltd offers delivery assurance to clients across and solutions for cold storage warehousing.

What we do

Cold logistics Ltd offers end to end supply chain ecomap solutions including storage and transportation solutions for temperature-sensitive consumables. Our solutions help to deliver higher quality products, with reduced operational expenses, increased profitability and ensure consumer safety and protect brand equity.

Our solutions are based on the seven pillars of a good distribution practice with a focus on the complexities of the food supply chain and aim to minimize wastages and post-harvest losses.

What we offer

  • Supply chain management
  • Technical¬† support
  • Business continuity planning
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Data analytics
  • GAP analysis
  • Digital communication plan
  • Business plan

Your benefit

With our well picked consulting team we can help you with experience, expertise, efficiency and guidance. Our talented, experienced professionals understand the logistical challenges your product will face during the cold chain ecosystem and will work closely with you to ensure those challenges are met through our services. Our modern cold storage focuses on the transition from simple pallet-in, pallet-out operations to increased case handling, value-added services and meeting the various demands of customers and their clients.