Cold Logistics Ltd

Accelerating Cold Chain in India

What we do

Cold chain logistics and temperature sensitive products must meet good distribution practice (GDP) and regulatory guidelines.  Policy legislators and regulators ask for extensive documentation relating to delivery of temperature sensitive goods during audits and requiring more detailed information of conformance.

Cold logistics offers an efficient and compliant cold storage facility adhering to the cold storage/logistics regulatory environment. This is the most crucial step for the commercialization and distribution of cold chain products.

What we offer

  • Excellent distribution network
  • Quality Control/Assurance storage conditions
  • Clearly defined SOPs
  • Temperature Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Audited processes and procedures
  • Risk Assessed instruments and equipment
  • Access to global regulations - What are the two key regulatory acts related to cold storage and logistics?
  • Business Continuity Plan - Contingency plans for WMS, refrigeration plant and power failures
  • Trained staff and personnel

Your benefit

Cold Logistics can help ensure that you are up to date on the latest industry regulations, guidelines and best practices in India as well as around the globe. As an active member of industry trade groups we are not only aware of the guidelines but ensure that we adhere to them to provide to provide best cold logistics services.

Here are the few benefits which Cold Logistics can help you with:

  • to ensure that the provisions of the licence are observed
  • to ensure that the operations do not compromise the quality of goods
  • to ensure that an adequate quality system is established and maintained
  • to oversee audit of the quality system and to carry out independent audits
  • to ensure that adequate records are maintained
  • to ensure that all personnel are trained
  • to ensure full and prompt cooperation with product licence holders in the event of recalls
  • to assess risk and suggest changes

GDPs are the overlying guideline to ensure that quality of the temperature sensitive product is preserved during transit. Guidance for Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) for a good supply chain guides us to seven pillars of a good distribution process. We are well versed in each of the pillars and ensure not only efficient safe and fresh storage of goods, but reduced energy consumption.